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FOR KIDS: On an as needed basis, Haven Street provides supplemental educational help in academic subjects, discussion groups addressing the issues they face in their daily lives, support for those who have experienced trauma, and drop-in hours with no specific agenda that allow kids to hang out and/or talk with a staff member. In addition, games, educational videos, and healthy reading materials will be provided, plus theme parties will be scheduled and a drama program may be established. All of this will be under the supervision of a Florida state certified teacher. FOR TWEENS: Much of the same services that are provided for younger kids will also be provided for 'tweens (approximate ages 9-12), but with age-related adjustments. 
FOR THOSE WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: On an as needed basis, social training and activities for those with special needs, such as autism spectrum disorders or Down syndrome, may be offered. These will be supervised by a Florida state certified exceptional student education teacher, Certificate # 819575.
FOR TEENS: Social events, theme parties, and movie nights will be planned. Topical discussion groups that address the issues affecting teens will be offered, as may support groups on an as needed basis. A drama program and community service opportunities will also be offered.
SUPPORT FOR PARENTS: Helping parents ultimately helps kids. Therefore, various types of support groups for parents, such as single parents or divorced parents, will be offered as needed. It is also possible that whole family support groups will be offered to military families or those affected by tragedy. Furthermore, if desired, parenting classes provided by a professional associate of Haven Street may be offered. Activities for children will be offered while their parents attend these classes.